3D VIDEO Animation

Catalyst Agency will make your ideas pop out from the screen in glorious 3D. Our video animation studio has full 3D production capabilities and will add a new dimension to your videos. 

3D Animation Video Services

The animation team at Catalyst Agency have a passion for 3D as the possibilities are literally endless. From photorealistic product renders, to creating 3D worlds, Catalyst Agency can take your product or message beyond the stratosphere using 3D.


Some products or services may involve complex concepts that are difficult to convey through traditional means. 3D animation simplifies this challenge by providing a visual representation that breaks down complex ideas into easily understandable visuals. Whether it’s demonstrating the inner workings of a machine, illustrating a scientific process, or showcasing intricate details of a product, 3D animation allows you to present information in a visually engaging and straightforward manner. By simplifying complex concepts, you enhance your audience’s comprehension and make your marketing messages more accessible and persuasive.


3D brings a level of visual appeal that is unmatched by traditional 2D videos. The three-dimensional aspect adds depth, texture, and realism to your visuals, making them more immersive and visually captivating. The stunning visual quality instantly grabs attention and makes your marketing videos stand out from the crowd. These techniques can even be blended with live footage or 2D animated content, which can create limitless possibilities.