Voiceover Services

Catalyst Agency offer a professional quality voiceover service from our in-house artists.  Whatever you have in mind, no matter how weird or wonderful, we will help you find the perfect voice for your video.   

The Power of Professional Voiceover

While visuals and animations grab attention, one often overlooked aspect that holds tremendous power is professional voiceover. The right voice can transform a good video into an exceptional one, capturing the audience’s attention, evoking emotions, and delivering your message with impact.

It brings a level of authenticity and credibility to your videos that cannot be matched. Skilled voice actors have the ability to breathe life into your script, infusing it with tone, emotion, and personality. They understand how to convey the right amount of enthusiasm, warmth, or authority to match your brand’s image and the intended tone of the video.

Moreover, professional voiceover enhances the clarity and comprehension of your message. A trained voice actor has excellent diction, pronunciation, and pacing, ensuring that your audience can easily understand and absorb the information being presented. They know how to emphasise key points, guide the viewer’s attention, and create a cohesive narrative flow.

Meet the In-house voiceover talent

Chris Pic VO

Chris Ashworth


Rosemary Howes Profile

Rosemary Howes