Multiple marketing videos created for prize promotion and management agency

Cloud Nine is a prize management agency which offers holiday incentives, prize promotions and fulfilment services. Based in London, Cloud Nine works with businesses in the hospitality sector.

The Brief

Cloud Nine wanted to use video as a way to market their services to potential clients.

The Solution

Using video for marketing purposes can significantly enhance brand visibility and foster a deeper engagement with a target audience, making it a compelling tool for reaching potential clients. We created five videos for Cloud Nine to send to prospective clients (agencies). The videos would be specially created to showcase Cloud Nine’s incentives and the reasons why potential clients should chose them. Catalyst Agency provided a range of video production services including storyboarding, motion graphics, animation, editing, compositing, music mix and master.

The Outcome

The videos we created have since been featured on Cloud Nine’s social channels and have been extremely well received both internally and externally. In addition, the successful outcome of this initial project has since led to a further project in 2023, with other new projects planned for 2024.