Scent of Christmas: Social Media Shorts Production for Copycat Fragrances, Leeds

Copycat Fragrances is a retail company based in Leeds and specialises in the development of beautiful fragrances inspired by iconic perfumes and aftershaves. Copycat aim to provide fragrances which are affordable and accessible to a wide consumer market.

The Brief

Copycat Fragrances commissioned Catalyst Agency to produce a series of social media shorts which would showcase their products against the backdrop of a festive setting. The goal was to produce engaging video content which would promote the brand and their products on social media during the Christmas shopping season.

The Solution

Short social media videos are a memorable way to promote products and increase audience engagement. To ensure that Copycat’s message was heard loud and clear, we produced four 15-second social media videos which featured different actors gifting Copycat Fragrances in Christmas settings.


The team here at Catalyst Agency handled all aspects of video production, from the initial concept and storyboarding stages, through to motion graphics and final editing. Our services for this project included on-location filming and set dressing, casting actors and providing direction, editing footage and adding overlays and graphics, sourcing and mixing music, colour correction and finishing touches.

The Outcome

We knew that creating light-hearted, upbeat videos for social media would be ideal for showcasing the ‘giftability’ of Copycat’s range of fragrance products. We’re delighted to report that the team at Copycat were very pleased with the final videos which they felt represented their brand perfectly.


The videos were shared on Copycat’s social media channels, helping to increase brand awareness and customer engagement during the crucial Christmas retail period. Whilst we don’t have any direct data on an increase in sales, our client was very happy with the campaign and brand support the videos provided.