Creation of 3D animated videos for LED lighting manufacturer

Sensio Lighting, a Leeds-based LED lighting manufacturer, wanted an engaging way to showcase their range of bathroom mirrors.

The Brief

Sensio Lighting is a family run business with more than 15 years of expertise in the provision of high-quality, marketing-leading LED lighting for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design market. As such, Sensio were looking for a creative way to showcase the quality of their range of bathroom mirrors to potential and existing clients.

The Solution

3D animated videos offer a dynamic and engaging way to showcase new products, allowing for detailed visualisation from every angle. We knew that 3D animated videos would offer the perfect way to demonstrate Sensio’s bathroom mirrors in a range of different bathroom environments. In addition, 3D animated videos are also ideal for enhancing understanding, product appeal and audience engagement by simulating real-life usage and features.

The Outcome

We created eleven 3D animated videos for Sensio; a project which involved the modelling, texturing and lighting of all products within bathroom environments. In addition, we also created animations in 3D environments in order to accurately capture how each mirror looked when in-situ. All 3D animated renders where then composited into videos with motion graphic overlays, music bed and SFX. The services we provided included 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and animation, video editing, compositing, motion graphic overlay, music mix and master.

Last and by no means least, we’re delighted to report that the series of videos we created were extremely well received by the team at Sensio, and have since been featured on Sensio’s social media channels and website, with further collaborations pending.