Animated explainer videos created to showcase the important work of the Human Relief Foundation

The Human Relief Foundation (HRF) is an international Non-Governmental Organisation based here in the UK. The HRF works throughout the world to provide humanitarian aid to people who have been affected by natural disasters, armed conflict and poverty.

The Brief


The HRF wanted a series of animated explainer videos which would showcase the vital work they do, and to provide information on Ramadan, Qurbani and Zakat.

The Solution

Animated explainer videos help to bring complex concepts and ideas to life with engaging visuals. Using explainer videosmakes it easier for audiences to understand and remember an important message, while also adding a creative and element to a marketing strategy. With this in mind, we knew that explainer videos would be perfect for a charitable organisation like The HRF; helping them to demonstrate their work in a way that’s informative but engaging. We provided a number of services storyboarding, animation, editing, animation, compositing, motion graphic overlay, music mix and master, for our initial project of four videos between 90 seconds and 2.5 minutes.

The Outcome

As a result of positive feedback received from The HRF’s internal stakeholders, the videos we have created have since been featured as part of their communications, and further collaborations are in the pipeline for 2024.