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Catalyst Agency are the go-to for video production Leeds & Halifax and can handle every step of your video marketing production, from concept through to completion. 

Any Format

Catalyst Agency deliver content across all video formats. There is literally no job too big or small. Video production is our speciality!

Any Audience

Catalyst Agency deep dive into your target audience and produce video content that leaves a lasting impression.  

Recent Clients

Video Production Clients

“The team at Catalyst are professional, creative and incredibly flexible. 100% recommend to anyone looking to produce high quality video content.”

Carys Chandler – AON

“Fantastic professional & friendly service.”

Victoria Cornfield – FPE Seals

“Really impressed with the service at Catalyst Agency for a recent video we had produced. Worked really efficiently and professionally to deliver a high quality video.”

Lucy Sherliker – Zuto

Looking for Explainer Videos in Manchester?

Partner with Catalyst Agency for High-Impact 2D & 3D Animated Videos Tailored to Your Brand

Explainer videos have become an extremely effective marketing tool for businesses looking to engage their target audience and communicate their messaging in a dynamic video format. With the ability to simplify complex ideas, product benefits, and company offerings into a short, visually compelling video, it’s no wonder explainer videos have exploded in popularity in recent years.

However, creating a high-quality explainer video that captivates viewers while communicating your desired messaging requires expertise. This is where working with a seasoned video production company can pay dividends when it comes to the success of your video marketing.

Catalyst Agency is an experienced video production agency dedicated to creating stunning 2D and 3D animated explainer videos for clients in Manchester and across the north of England –  tailored specifically to each client’s unique brand and objectives.

The Benefits of Professional Explainer Videos

Before delving into the specifics of Catalyst Agency’s video production services, it’s important to understand the many benefits of investing in a professionally produced explainer video:

  • Increase brand awareness and recognition through compelling visual storytelling
  • Communicate your product or service offering clearly and concisely to prospects
  • Highlight specific features and benefits of your solutions
  • Boost conversion rates thanks to enhanced understanding of your value proposition
  • Cultivate engagement and social shares with creative, memorable video content
  • Reinforce your brand identity with customised animations and visuals
  • Deliver an impactful first impression to potential customers discovering your business
  • Level the playing field with competitors who are already using explainer videos

With the right partner, a strategically crafted explainer video delivers outstanding ROI compared to many other marketing tactics. The video experts at Catalyst Agency know precisely how to turn your goals into an effective, brand-building video asset.

Unleash the Power of 2D & 3D Animation

Catalyst Agency specialises in two powerful forms of animation for next-level explainer videos:

2D Animation: Also known as motion graphics, 2D animated videos utilize vector-based graphics, kinetic typography, illustrated characters, and other dynamic visual effects to tell a compelling brand story in a visually striking way. The team at Catalyst Agency are highly skilled 2D animators.

3D Animation: For an ultra-modern look, 3D animation creates fully rendered 3D environments, characters, objects and other elements that interact seamlessly on screen. This style is perfect for showcasing products/technology and simulating real-world scenarios.

In addition to cutting-edge animation, Catalyst Agency handles every aspect of the video production process in-house, including:

  • Concept Development – Our team works closely with you to craft the overarching messaging, storyboard, flow and visual style of your explainer video.
  • Scriptwriting – We transform your goals and ideas into a succinct, effective script tailored to appeal to your audience.
  • Voiceover Talent – We utilize only the most talented professional voice actors to bring the perfect voice to your script.
  • Motion Graphics & Animation – Our animators and designers bring your video to life with smooth 2D motion graphics or stunning 3D animation.
  • Filming – When needed, our expert videographers shoot high-quality footage to incorporate into your video.
  • Post-Production Editing – We edit the visual and audio components together into a seamless, polished final video.
  • Custom Branding – Your brand colors, logo, fonts and other elements are seamlessly integrated to maintain consistency.

This comprehensive approach enables us to handle explainer video projects of all sizes and scopes. Our tailored solutions and focus on client collaboration result in videos that check all the boxes: engaging, persuasive, and on-brand.

A Track Record of Video Marketing Success

For over a decade, Catalyst Agency has partnered with organisations of all sizes and industries to produce explainer videos yielding tangible ROI. Our clients range from funded startups looking to launch with a strong brand video…to established enterprises needing captivating videos to support new product releases.

We also have extensive experience helping Manchester-based B2B and B2C companies distil complex products and technologies into simple, compelling explainer videos. Our production expertise enables you to educate prospects on your offerings to drive conversions.

Ready to get started with a video that sells? Contact us today to transform your messaging into a stunning animated explainer video tailored to your brand and