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Why choose Catalyst Agency?

All Under One Roof

Catalyst Agency is the go-to video agency in Leeds. Based in Halifax and working with clients throughout the Yorkshire region, we can handle every step of your video marketing production, from concept through to completion. 

Any Format

Catalyst Agency deliver content across all video formats. There is literally no job too big or small. Video production is our speciality!

Any Audience

Catalyst Agency deep dive into your target audience and produce video content that leaves a lasting impression.  

Recent Clients

Video Production Clients

“The team at Catalyst are professional, creative and incredibly flexible. 100% recommend to anyone looking to produce high quality video content.”

Carys Chandler – AON

“Fantastic professional & friendly service.”

Victoria Cornfield – FPE Seals

“Really impressed with the service at Catalyst Agency for a recent video we had produced. Worked really efficiently and professionally to deliver a high quality video.”

Lucy Sherliker – Zuto

Your Go-To Video Agency in Leeds

We are Catalyst Agency, a team of experienced creatives passionate about helping businesses maximise the marketing power of video. If you are looking for a video agency in Leeds, we’d love to work with you to transform your ideas into engaging films that tell a story and create long-lasting impact. At Catalyst Agency we are proud of our team’s creativity and expertise in video production, serving clients not only in Leeds but across the UK. Our commitment to delivering bespoke video content that resonates with audiences and aligns perfectly with marketing goals is what sets us apart.

Creating Engaging Stories

We have the expertise to handle every aspect of video production under one roof. From the initial concept to the final cut and post-production, Catalyst Agency offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. Whether it’s corporate videos, animated explainers, drone footage, or professional voice-overs, we have the expertise to produce content that not only captures the imagination but also achieves the desired impact. We take a unique approach to video production in Leeds. We know that the effectiveness of video content lies in its ability to engage and leave a lasting impression on the target audience. To this end, we take time to understand an audience’s preferences and expectations, ensuring that every piece of content we produce is not just seen but felt and remembered. Our team of videographers, cinematographers, editors, and creatives are not just skilled in their respective fields; they are storytellers at heart. Our passion for storytelling is evident in the stunning visuals and crystal-clear audio that characterise their work. By striving for perfection in every detail, we ensure that each video is not just a presentation but an experience.

Harnessing the Power of Video

Incorporating video into a marketing strategy offers many benefits, making it an essential tool for brands aiming to capture and engage their target audience. Video content stands out for its ability to convey complex messages in an easily digestible and engaging format. Video encapsulates emotions, narratives, and information more efficiently than text or images alone, leading to higher retention rates among viewers. One of the key advantages of video marketing is its versatility across various platforms, from social media to websites, enabling brands to reach a wider audience. In addition, videos have been shown to significantly boost conversion rates, as they can showcase products or services in action, providing a clearer understanding and building trust with potential customers.

Are You Looking for a Video Production Agency in Leeds?

If you are searching for a video production agency in Leeds, you’ll find that we have the skills and expertise to ensure you reach your marketing goals. We are a Yorkshire-based agency with many years of experience in working with clients in Leeds, throughout the north of England and the wider UK. We are experts in creating a wide range of video content, from video for social media and TV advertising to explainer videos, 3D animations, stop motion animation and much more.