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Why choose Catalyst Agency?

All Under One Roof

Catalyst Agency is the go-to for video production in Leeds and can handle every step of your video production, from concept through to completion. 

Any Format

Catalyst Agency deliver content across all video formats. There is literally no job too big or small. Video production is our speciality!

Any Audience

Catalyst Agency deep dive into your target audience and produce video content that leaves a lasting impression.  

Recent Clients

Video Production Clients

“The team at Catalyst are professional, creative and incredibly flexible. 100% recommend to anyone looking to produce high quality video content.”

Carys Chandler – AON

“Fantastic professional & friendly service.”

Victoria Cornfield – FPE Seals

“Really impressed with the service at Catalyst Agency for a recent video we had produced. Worked really efficiently and professionally to deliver a high quality video.”

Lucy Sherliker – Zuto

Promotional video production Leeds

Whether you’re looking for a way to launch and new product or service, or to improve brand awareness and customer retention, promotional video offers an engaging and entertaining way to take marketing to the next level. At Catalyst Agency we specialise in promotional video production for Leeds businesses. We offer a wide range of high-quality, professional services which are ideal for everything from video for social media and explainer videos, to TV advertising and aerial drone footage.

Why Use Promotional Video Content?

Promotional video production offers several benefits for businesses and organisations, providing a dynamic and engaging way to capture the attention of potential customers and stakeholders. Firstly, it provides a visual and auditory experience that can convey complex messages in an easily digestible format, enhancing understanding and retention. This is particularly beneficial in today’s fast-paced digital world, where capturing your audience’s attention quickly is paramount. Videos can significantly boost online presence and SEO rankings. Search engines favour content that engages users, and videos often lead to longer visit durations on websites, signalling quality content to search engines. Consequently, incorporating video content into your marketing strategy means that you are more likely to rank higher in search results, with increased visibility and potential customer engagement. Additionally, promotional videos are ideal for sharing across multiple platforms, from your company website to social media channels to maximise reach and impact. This versatility allows for broader audience engagement, tapping into different demographics and preferences, and fostering a stronger connection with your brand. Last but by no means least, videos have the unique ability to evoke emotions, tell compelling stories, and showcase products or services in action. This emotional connection can significantly influence consumer behaviour, driving brand loyalty and conversion rates.

Catalyst Agency’s Services

Our services span all video formats, catering to any project size with the utmost speciality in video production. We delve deep into understanding your target audience, producing content that leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s corporate videos, animated explainers, drone footage, or professional voice-overs, our team of skilled videographers, cinematographers, editors, and creatives are dedicated to telling your unique story in the most engaging way possible. We aim for perfection every time, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, regardless of the scale of your project.

Catalyst Agency – Your Partner in Promotional Video Leeds

If you’re looking for high-quality video production, at Catalyst Agency we have been providing promotional video services in Leeds since 2017. Our experienced production team take great pride in standing out from the crowd, working closely with our clients to give imaginative and engaging ways to reach a target audience. From our base in Halifax we work with businesses throughout Leeds, West Yorkshire and the wider UK. Our clients range from multinational businesses to brand-new start-ups, charitable organisations and more. Our services cover all aspects of corporate video and video for marketing, including social media videos, aerial drone footage, TV advertising, explainer videos, and post-production services. With creative video production services designed to be tailored to suit all budgets, our video production agency excels in brand-focused, design-led services built upon the principles of creative excellence.