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Video Production Agency Leeds: Pioneering Compelling Video Content

All Under One Roof

Catalyst Agency are the go-to for video production Leeds & Halifax and can handle every step of your video marketing production, from concept through to completion. 

Any Format

Catalyst Agency deliver content across all video formats. There is literally no job too big or small. Video production is our speciality!

Any Audience

Catalyst Agency deep dive into your target audience and produce video content that leaves a lasting impression.  

Recent Clients

Video Production Clients

“The team at Catalyst are professional, creative and incredibly flexible. 100% recommend to anyone looking to produce high quality video content.”

Carys Chandler – AON

“Fantastic professional & friendly service.”

Victoria Cornfield – FPE Seals

“Really impressed with the service at Catalyst Agency for a recent video we had produced. Worked really efficiently and professionally to deliver a high quality video.”

Lucy Sherliker – Zuto

Introducing Catalyst Agency, a pioneering video production agency for businesses in Leeds and specialising in crafting innovative and compelling video content. Since our launch in 2017, we have been at the forefront of creating high-quality, creative videos that engage audiences. More than a video production company, Catalyst Agency is a hub of imagination where ideas become captivating visual stories.

Our Philosophy: Videos that Captivate and Inspire

At Catalyst Agency, we believe in the transformative power of visual storytelling. Our approach is simple yet profound – we create videos that captivate and inspire your viewers. Led by Managing Director Chris Ashworth and Creative Director Adam Clark, our team brings enthusiasm and expertise to every project. As a video production agency in Leeds, we are devoted to producing content that exceeds your expectations. 

A Broad Range of Video Services

Explainer Videos

We take pride in producing clear and compelling explainer videos that succinctly communicate your idea, product, service or brand. These short, animated videos effectively introduce concepts to new audiences in an understandable and memorable way. From launching new offerings to training employees, our explainer videos blend creativity and clarity for maximum impact.

3D Animation and Rendering

The possibilities are endless with our exceptional 3D animation and rendering. We can bring your visions to life through stunning 3D visualisations, from photorealistic product renders to fully imagined 3D environments. Our immersive 3D animations simplify complex ideas, making them relatable and engaging for your viewers.

Drone Filming and Photography

See your brand from new heights with our CAA-licensed drone services. We capture striking aerial footage and photos to showcase your business or event from unique aerial angles. Our drone services include site and location filming, corporate videos as well as 360 degree aerial photography.

Post-Production and Editing

We refine and enhance your video content through exceptional post-production and editing services. Our editing team fine-tunes the pacing, structure and flow of your videos to accentuate key messages and maximise viewer retention. We also provide other post services like colour correction, audio mixing, graphics and effects to take your videos to the next level.

First-rate video production in Leeds

As a premier video production agency, Leeds-based clients will find that Catalyst Agency is dedicated to innovation and excellence. We know videos are more than just visual media – they are experiences that engage audiences. That’s why we invest time understanding your goals to create videos that align with your brand’s essence. Our creative, design-centric approach ensures your content is noticed and leaves an impact. 


Want to take your video presence to new heights? As your video production partner in Leeds, we welcome you to work with us to craft something extraordinary together. At Catalyst Agency, your vision combined with our expertise will lead to captivating video content that inspires and excels.